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3 Spaces To Install New Lights With Help From An Electrician

As a homeowner, you may find that your house is lacking when it comes to lighting in various rooms. While you can purchase floor lamps or table lamps at a local store to solve this issue, you may be more interested in installing permanent light fixtures throughout the house. Hiring an electrician and focusing on certain rooms is worth doing to make high-impact improvements.

Living Room

Working in the living room is a great idea because your family may spend a lot of time. Also, you may know that all your guests spend at least a bit of time in the living room, so you should make sure that the room has enough light to satisfy your needs to handle any task or enjoy any activity.

Along with making sure that you are able to get enough light in the living room, you want to create a situation in which you can control the lighting as much as possible. A single chandelier that hangs overhead may look amazing, but you may find it limiting in regard to lighting.

By installing a chandelier and recessed lights throughout the room, you can decide whether you need to use both at the same time or just one of them to avoid excessive illumination. To enjoy even more control, you should make sure that all the new lights that you install are dimmable.


Focusing on the main bathroom is ideal because this is how you will make the biggest impact on your family and guests. To assess the current lighting situation, you should turn on all the lights and then determine which areas are most lacking in terms of illumination. Afterward, you should be able to tell an electrician where you want to install new lights to satisfy your lighting needs.

If needed, you should not hesitate to install lighting in the bathtub or shower area because your bathroom may be large enough that the vanity lights are not enough to light up the whole room.


When anyone in your family leaves, you may notice that they spend a decent amount of time at the entryway handling tasks such as finding a coat, grabbing an umbrella, or putting on shoes. To make these tasks easier to handle, you should install more lighting at the entryway. You can even go with motion-activated lighting as this will prevent the need to turn lights either on or off.

If you want to improve your home with better lighting, you should hire an electrician because they can take care of all the new lighting installations that you are interested in. Contact Electric Smith Inc for more.

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