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Time for a Safety Inspection? 4 Wiring Issues You Need to Fix First

If it's time to schedule a safety inspection for your commercial building, get your wiring in order. Electrical problems can lead to safety violations. Unfortunately, safety violations can close down your shop. At least, until you take care of the necessary repairs. Luckily, there's a way to avoid violations and shutdowns. Before you schedule your safety inspection, take care of the electrical repairs. This is especially important where the wiring is concerned. Here are four wiring issues you need to take care of right away. 

Your Wiring is Outdated

If your office building was built around the 1940s, you may have wiring known as knob and tube. You can identify knob and tube wiring by the ceramic knobs and the black tubing. The wires are encased in the black tubing. One of the problems with knob and tube wiring is that there is no ground. The lack of grounding puts you at risk for electrical fires. Also, the outdated wiring may not be enough to provide power to modern electronic devices. Don't let your office fail inspection due to outdated wiring. Have your wiring replaced as soon as possible. 

You've Got Ground Loops

During the inspection, your entire system will be examined. This includes all your ground wires. Ground wires are used to prevent power surges. If you have too many ground locations, problems can arise. Unfortunately, many commercial buildings have more than one ground wire. If yours is one of those, you may fail your safety inspection. This is especially true if your inspector identifies ground loops. Some companies, like Double D Electric, know that the best way to avoid ground loops is to have your commercial wiring repaired before your safety inspection. 

You've Got Exposed Wires

Exposed wires pose a serious safety threat for your commercial building. They also put your employees at risk for injuries. If you have exposed wires anywhere in your office, you need to have them fixed. The exposed wires may prevent you from passing a safety inspection. Wiring repairs will help you avoid electrical problems. They'll also ensure a passing score on your safety inspection. 

Your Electric Panel is in Disarray

When you think of clutter problems, your electric panel may not come to mind. But, if your panel is in disarray, you could face issues during your safety inspection. If your panel is in disarray, you risk a couple of problems. First, fuses and circuits aren't easily identifiable. Second, the disarray could pose a fire risk. Before you fail your safety inspection, have an electrician rewire your electric panel.

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