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Supplemental Solar Options To Use Alongside Solar Panels

Solar panels are the most common form of solar technology and are usually what comes to mind when discussing solar power. However, there are always new solar power technologies being developed that can be used to power devices that otherwise couldn't exist and that can also be used to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. Read on to learn more about these newer solar technology developments.

Floating Solar Farms

For a homeowner, the ideal way to generate power from the sun is with a solar panel. This can be placed on the roof and can generate power all day. However, there are many surfaces that could be used to generate solar power, but aren't being utilized in such a manner. For example, bodies of water can be used to generate solar power through a floating solar farm. This farm can be placed on a dam or some other type of reservoir. They are only useful if a body of water is available and when looking for water management solutions.

Solar Skins

Solar panels can often be used in combination with solar skins. A solar skin can not only produce solar energy, but can also display a company logo. This can allow a business to make the most use of the company building as an advertising space. They are better used in combination with solar panels because an entire building covered with a solar skin will have a high upfront cost.

Solar Fabrics

Solar fabric will make it possible to create clothing that is able to generate solar energy. For example, you could have a device that is charging through your t-shirt as you go for a walk. The solar fabric does not have as much surface area and will not be able to generate as much power as solar panels, but it can still have some utility. This technology can also be used to turn awnings and curtains into solar-powered devices. 

Solar Noise Barriers

Cities may begin to erect noise barriers that double as solar power generators. As they block noise, they also generate power for homes. When homes use solar panels on their roofs, they can potentially rely entirely on solar power or could even sell any excess energy that they generate back to the power companies. With each of these solar technologies being implemented, it will be much easier to depend less on fossil fuels for energy.

For more information, talk to a solar panel company.

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