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3 Reasons To Include Under Cabinet Lighting In Your Kitchen Remodel

Lighting is an important element in the design of any room. While a living room or bedroom might include decorative lamps and fixtures, the lighting that you incorporate into your kitchen needs to be practical.

In addition to the overhead fixture that illuminates the kitchen on a regular basis, you should consider incorporating under cabinet lighting into your kitchen remodel. The addition of this type of lighting during a remodel project can help your new kitchen space be more functional in the future.

1. Brighten Work Areas

The kitchen can be a dangerous place. You likely use knives, graters, and other sharp objects while preparing foods on your countertops. Having adequate light when using kitchen tools is essential to your safety.

Under cabinet lighting can directly illuminate your work areas to help improve visibility and reduce the risk of injury during food preparation. The added light you will enjoy from under cabinet lighting can also make it easier to prepare meals during the evening hours, when natural sunlight from windows can't add to the light from an overhead fixture.

2. Highlight a Backsplash

Many kitchen remodel projects will include a decorative backsplash as part of the design. A backsplash can be as ornate and interesting as you desire, but it may not be as visible as you had hoped once you have all of your upper cabinets installed.

The upper cabinets can create a shadow effect that obscures your new backsplash. By adding under cabinet lighting to the upper cabinets, you can eliminate this shadow effect and ensure that your decorative backsplash is on full display.

3. Create Night Lighting

A lot of people have experienced a craving for their favorite snack during the night. With the rest of the house being in total darkness, you might not want the stark lighting of an overhead fixture while you prepare your midnight snack.

Under cabinet lighting can create a soft glow that will make it easier to find your way around the kitchen at night. This type of night lighting can conserve energy usage and help you maintain the quiet ambiance that exists within your home at night.

Under cabinet lighting can be a useful tool that makes your kitchen a lot more functional over time. Ask your electrician about the types of under cabinet lighting that will best blend into your room's design when remodeling your kitchen in the future. You can also visit sites like to learn more. 

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