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Problems With Your New Home's Electricity?

When you first move into a new home, you unpack and place your lights and electronic devices where they will best work for you and your family. However, while they may be where you need them to be, it might not work well with the electric wiring of the house. Luckily, electricians have a few ways to resolve the problems so you don't have to rearrange everything. If you are experiencing any of the following, contact a local professional to help out.

Not Enough Outlets

One problem you may have is not enough outlets, or they are in the wrong places. An electrician can come to your home, go through the different areas with you, and install new wiring and outlets. While you could just run some extension cords where you need power, that is not a good, permanent solution. Even the best laid extension cords can get in the way and cause people to trip or pull electronic devices to the ground. In addition, they can be a fire hazard, especially if you are using multiple cords to power multiple electronics. It is much better to just have some new outlets installed. While the electrician is there, have them upgrade any two-prong outlets to ones with three prongs.

Breakers Tripping

If you keep having to go to the breaker box and flip a breaker because it shuts off all the time, you probably have too much of a load going to it. An electrician can add another breaker to the box to take part of the load. They will divide the outlets and lights that are on the one breaker and put half on the new breaker. Of course, if the wiring is old or damaged, that could be the problem too. An electrician will evaluate the situation and, if needed, install new wires. 

Outlets Not Working

You may find that a whole wall of outlets is not working. This could be a bad breaker, or it could be faulty wires. An electrician can readily find the problem and fix it so you have power available at all outlets.

Electricity can be tricky and/or dangerous. If you try taking care of a problem on your own, you could end up making matters worse. You could also cause serious injury to yourself or someone else when they go to use a device plugged into an outlet you worked on. Don't take any risks, contact a professional electrician.

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