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Where To Place Your EV Chargers

So, you've made the decision to install EV chargers on your property. This is sure to be much appreciated by everyone who visits you with an electric vehicle, as well as those who simply appreciate their environmental impact.

However, it's important to make sure your chargers are placed in the right locations, where they will be easily accessible by those who need them. Your installer can definitely help you with choosing the best locations, as you can following a few simple tips.

Consider Pricing

You might think that no matter where you place the EV charger, the price of installation will ultimately be the same.

However, this is not necessarily the case. If you place the charger in an area that doesn't already have an electrical setup or that doesn't have a setup of the right strength, you can expect to spend more than if you place it near an electrical setup that works as it is.

You might also pay more if your charger is placed in a difficult area that requires a lot of excavation or additional prep work to properly install your chargers.

While that's all fine if you're willing to foot the extra costs, most people are more expense-conscious. If that describes you, then try and choose an installation area that offers easy setup of your chargers and, by extension, lower costs.

Consider Size

Another thing to think about in terms of placement is the size of your property. 

If your property is just standard size with one main location and a parking lot, one or two charging stations, perhaps even right next to each other, is usually sufficient.

For larger properties, though, with several parking lots or buildings, you'll probably want at least one charging station per parking area. That way, everyone who wants to can use the chargers and in different locations.

Consider Visibility

EV chargers are becoming more and more common. However, they're not so common that everyone just expects you to have them onsite.

As such, you should put your chargers somewhere where they can be easily seen. That way, people will know you have them available, use them, and, hopefully, spread the word.

As you can see, there's a lot to consider when it comes to where to put your EV chargers. However, if you can keep these tips in mind and hire a good, knowledgeable installer, then you should easily pick the perfect locations.

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