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Address Flickering Lights And Unexpected Power Outages

Flickering lights and a disruption of power to your oven or microwave could be an indication of a circuit overload or damaged wiring that is exposed. Never take a chance with repairing your home's electricity, especially if you don't have any formal training in handling live wires. Before calling an electrician, ensure that the problem is one that deals with the electrical components in your residence. If a breaker box is in need of maintenance or basic upgrades, an electrician will check each bulb and switch and will replace wiring that is deemed unsafe.

Contact Your Service Provider

Don't automatically assume that an issue is solely dependent upon your home's electrical components. There could be a problem with a residential line or a transformer that is responsible for providing an entire residential community with electricity.

A storm, crews who are upgrading lines in town, or fallen debris that has disrupted electrical lines could have a bearing on what you have been experiencing. Contact an associate of your electrical provider to inquire about any problem that could be affecting your service. 

Troubleshoot or Receive In-Home Assistance

If an issue is not present on the company's end, you may be provided with some troubleshooting tips, which will assist with determining what the problem is. You may be advised to turn off the main switch to the breaker box or to test various light bulbs that are used for lighting in your home. If the problem tends to happen when multiple appliances or lights are used at the same time, an overload could potentially be tripping the breaker and causing some of the items not to work.

If this is the case, an electrician will be sent to your home to investigate the issue further. During a residential inspection, guide the electrician to the breaker box and divulge information about what you have been experiencing. Provide details about the number of times that there has been flickering or a disruption and your course of action that has remedied any outages.

If rewiring and changing out switches are necessary, the problems that you previously encountered will no longer be a concern. You should be able to turn on appliances as needed or use ample lighting in each room of your home, without being concerned about an electrical malfunction. The electrician will advise you to keep wiring protected, to prevent premature wear and tear and to protect you or another household member from being injured due to an electrical shock.

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